It’s been a while since I had a good vent on here so buckle up, here goes.

I think it is a despicable shame the way this country’s elderly have to live. Most of these people have worked hard all their life and now are having to eek by on $800 to $900 a month and maybe can get $20 in food stamps. Have you ever tried to get groceries, medicine, pay for water, power, and rent and gas for the car on that little bit of income? Ridiculous. It makes me so sad and then to see the flip side and a lot of the young able bodied people living high on the hog because they have learned to abuse the system. Just pisses me right off!! I don’t know what needs to happen, but something needs to soon.

Infertility sucks. I have gotten to the point where I am at peace if we don’t get pregnant. We have a wonderful, fun filled, busy life that I love so much, but I would still love to have another child, and love for Robert to be able to have that experience. He’s so great with all kids and would be the most amazing fun daddy, it makes me sad still when I think about him missing out on that. Then the flip side of that , watch the news any given day to see the trash that get to have kids and they hurt them or won’t take care of them. I’d like to have about an hour with these child molesters and abusers…wouldn’t need a jail cell for them after that, but a hospital room…or not.

One more thing that is probably my biggest gripe…drugs. I hate drugs. I hate doctors that throw a narcotic at every person that sits on their table. They are one of the reasons for the change in the drug scheduling with hydrocodone. How about telling patients to try some ibuprofen first for a headache….I’m just sayin. It used to drive me nuts when I worked on mother baby and we had cookie cutter orders for every patient and they all had Percocet ordered for pain. I’m sorry but if you had a normal delivery with minimal tearing…you should not need Percocet, you need to get your hind end up and walk to increase some blood flow, not take a pill that’s going to constipate you like crazy in two days, then you really will be hurting.

There is such a lack of common sense in this world, it’s really scary to me how people think (or don’t). We are all so desensitized by the media, we are unable to be shocked by the crazy bad things happening. We just all go along in our narcissistic bubble (I’m guilty too) and never think about things in a deeper way. There was a bad wreck yesterday on 52 and people died…DIED…do we really stop to think about the impact that death has on people’s lives. Those peoples families are waking up today, if they’ve even slept, to a completely different world without their loved one.

I just have to say, in closing, God help us, we need it.

Sorry for the scattered rant, thanks for reading!!