A letter…

Dear Little Family,

You don’t know me, and I promise I’m not some weird stalker lady, but I couldn’t help but watch you last night. As we sat in the super crowded local Mexican restaurant with my husbands family, I was at the table in the center of the room and you were in the booth directly across from me. So it’s almost like I had to watch. I usually only have negative things to say about kids and the parents that don’t discipline them, but you are different.

I noticed the baby carrier at the end on the table sitting in the upside down high chair right as I sat down, because I always notice babies. But then I noticed the three other little blonde headed children sitting there too. Dad had a boy and a girl sitting on his side and Mom had, what I’m guessing to be the oldest boy who is maybe six or seven. As I sat down and situated into my seat and saw this across from me, I have to say my initial thought was, “great, brats, here goes dinner…” As I sat there a few minutes and mentally prepared myself to get my sparse amount of patience out, I realized I had not heard a peep from your table.

So, I watched, and listened. You two parents were talking to each other and the kids, and the kids were actually sitting there eating. Amazing. I don’t know if this was a rare moment for your family, but it seemed like normalcy to you. The fact that you are a very young couple with four children, eating out in a public restaurant, and your kids weren’t throwing fits or food, really touched my heart. It’s rare now. You two worked as a team as Dad took the boys to the bathroom, then the little girl, while mama finished her meal. That’s a good daddy!

Towards the end of the meal, the baby must have woken up and Dad got her out of the seat. The other three did get a little antsy as children do, because they are kids and they are supposed to, but they were still not screaming or being terrors. I didn’t hear Mom or Dad have to raise their voice to calm them down. I am so impressed, I just can’t say it enough!

So what I really want to say is this, I know you’re exhausted…you have to be with raising four children…but you’re doing a fabulous job! I hope you have a beautiful joy filled life for your efforts and thanks for letting me see a glimpse of good parenting, it does still exist!

Thank you!


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