Good morning!

I feel like talking today and since my family is asleep, I will write it all down instead, I’m sure Robert is tired of hearing me anyway since he’s home 24/7 now.

This year has started off with a bang, life happens quickly sometimes and I never would have dreamed we’d be facing major surgery for my always on-the-go, spunky, hyper, active 34 year old husband. Just goes to show you, we aren’t in control. Since we finally got his pain manageable, he is much more happy and back to himself some what. He is still mostly horizontal on the bed or couch for the majority of the time, but he’s picking and carrying on now. It has almost been like having a new baby, I don’t sleep well most of the time because I am worrying about him needing something and wanting to tend to him. He says I try too hard lol, I’m learning to just leave him alone unless he asks me for something.

I have big big plans for my photography business this year, they just kind of got put on the back burner for a bit until we get Robert back healthy and working, but I’m still so excited and ready to do it!! I have a new blog for it if you haven’t checked it out. I don’t have any photos on there yet but that will be coming soon as well as a new website. I have a couple of ladies signed up to shoot soon that are going to give me permission to use their photos. The blog for that is here. I will still be shooting any other types of pictures as well, I still love shooting anyone!

I could write tons more about the stuff that’s in the headlines and the chaos, but today I choose to be optimistic and positive. I hope you all have a blessed weekend, I’m so excited to get to go to church tomorrow!! Bye for now 🙂