Just a list

Makers of international delights coffee creamer…is it really necessary to use super glue to put the piece of foil over the bottle top? My OCDness won’t let me just cut a hole in it, I have to pull it off. That takes one of the rubber lid grips and all my strength and then my fingers are sore for three days. 

When did people stop having any consideration for other people’s time and energy. If you tell me you’re going to buy something, and I hold it for you, and then I try to text you (because you gave me your number and we had chatted for days) why are you going to ignore me when I text you again about it…I know it’s you. Just tell me you changed your mind or something….grrrr….

When your nurse, from a health management program, that you have agreed to be a part of, calls to talk to you….turn down your stinking TV, especially if your are deaf as a stone. I don’t like for my throat to hurt from a five minute conversation because I’ve screamed my head off at you. 

What makes some kids think they can do something to physically hurt another kid without any repercussions? I have always told mine, don’t start anything, but you better finish it if someone else does…he’s listened to me and I’m a proud mama. That may not be the “politically correct” thing now a days, but oh well, who ever said that I was politically correct??

That’s all I have for now…have anything to add? Happy Thursday 🙂


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