Just a post

good morning people!  I am happy to be alive and healthy today, as I should be every day. I tend to be a grumble butt sometimes though and whine and complain over stupid stuff. Not today, gonna be positive. 

I am so proud of my husband, he has recovered speedily from his back surgery and has hit the ground running (I still have to remind him he’s not ready to be doing some things, but he isn’t listening well lol).  He has a new toy…a bobcat and we will not have any grass left in the yard by the end of summer 😂. He is grading and fixing it so maybe I can have a level spot to put a fire pit soon. 

I am going to be getting a studio very soon hopefully If things work out like we are praying they will. Our renters that live in the house my husband used to occupy before we met, are moving out and we are going to be selling his place. That’s probably going to be some work that we have to do, so I’m hoping that’s not going to put a wrench in our plans. I am not really thinking it will, but the pessimistic side of me peaks her head out sometimes. Trying to be POSITIVE. 

I am looking forward to some down time soon with my man and having a few days to not do anything!!  I could never do a staycation….I can’t stop finding stuff that needs to be done at home. 

I am investigating the candidates for the election next year as I had said in an earlier post I wanted to learn more about politics. It’s kind of hard to do when everyone says negatively about everyone else. I’m up for listening to any of your suggestions and why you feel they would be a good president as long as you tell me in terms I understand…I am not political at all…. Message me and educate me!!  

Those are my positives for the day, hope you all have a blessed one!!!!

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