Controversy everywhere 

This world has gone crazy…there’s no doubt about that, if you can’t tell times are a changin, then get out from under the rock you’re living under.  I try not to voice my opinion on things too much anymore, because you know what they say about opinions…

With all the controversy, hate, judgemental behavior, sick twisted people doing sick twisted things that you hear about in the media, and all the abomination going on, life is still going on. I am just over here like, hey look at this pretty flower, or what do you want to eat for dinner…if I choose to let everything that’s going on, get to me, I miss out on the joys of mundane life. Yes, times are scary if you think about it, and no, I’m not burying my head in the sand to real issues. I see them, and I do have an opinion, like I said, but I’m here to live MY life and no one else’s. 

I’m a pretty passive person, but don’t mess with my family, or I become very aggressive, very fast. So, if and when these issues going on “out there” become issues “in here”…I will do what needs to be done. I am an Amercian and take my undeserved freedom very seriously, and respect the men and women who protect it, immensely. 

Lastly, things are happening the way they are supposed to be happening. Read your Bible. God’s still in control and this is going to all end really soon. I think He is trying to get people’s attention and to see that.  I’m ready to go, but in the mean time, I’m just going to keep on living MY life!!