Drumroll please

Thanks for all of the comments!! It makes me happy to know that so many people read, and actually enjoy 😮 my writing. This time I had so many I just numbered everyone and found an online random number picker and the winner is………


Email me at sweetpeat8567@yahoo.com to let me know where you want the gift card from and also your address.

Thanks for playing everyone!!


Contest time again

I haven’t done one in a while so I thought we could use a little bright spot in so much depression going around. To win….just comment here on the blog, just say hi, between now and Friday at midnight. I’ll draw a winner Saturday. The prize… A $25 gift card to wherever the winner wants….

Happy commenting 🙂

Another contest…

It’s that time again, time for you to do a little something to be entered in my contest…

As some of you may know, I’m turning 39 Wednesday, I usually don’t have too hard of a time with birthdays because I really don’t feel or act my age, but this one….this one is bothering me. I have said that I’m not going to start counting my age again until my husband catches up with me.

So….this is my 39 and holding birthday countdown contest!!

Comment here on the blog and tell me your best birthday gift you have ever received. From now until Wednesday I will again put all names in a pot and draw one out.

The winner gets a….surprise 🙂

Don’t be shy, go ahead!!



I used to blog back several years ago and one of my favorite things to do is have contests. Anyone who blogs will tell you that they love to know who is reading what they write. We are all attention junkies at heart. So, here is the contest….leave a comment. That’s all. Just say hi or whatever you want to say and I will number each comment and draw Monday morning to see who wins. That’s not too hard. You won’t see your comment at first because I haven’t figured out how to make them not moderated, but I’m working on that. Ready…..go!!!

Oh, you want to know what the prize is? It’s a secret, but you will like it…it may be yummy….