Gearing up

Yesterday we took a very fun family day trip. We went to Boone and Linville Caverns, that was cool…literally. Robert and I had on flip flops and its wet in there. And cold. And kinda spooky, especially when they turned off all the lights and it was pitch black.

The coolest thing about it though is that I’m counting that as our first day of school that’s one of the joys of homeschooling. We have to do 180 days says the state of North Carolina so that was one 😀.

We are planning our “official” start day as September 16th. I probably won’t be working from home full time yet, but I have made arrangements to for those first two days. That way I will at least be there to get him going in the right direction how our days are going to work out when I am there full time. Then hopefully, it won’t be too much longer after that and I can be there everyday. I love my job God had blessed me with.

I am so excited about this year, I have a structured curriculum that I feel is going to be challenging and fun. He admitted today that he’s kind of excited too. He is going to be busy, that’s for sure. I bought a lot of art supplies last week so I think that’s part of what he is excited. Whatever it takes lol.

Thanks for stopping by!!