Baby journey

I haven’t given much of an update lately on this journey, mainly because there’s nothing much new to say. We didn’t do IUI since I started my new job because of the timing, if I were to get pregnant, I want to be there a year so I get FMLA. I’m coming up on being there two and half months and the way it’s going to work out I should be there three months about the time we will do IUI this month. So, that’s the plan, have that procedure done a couple, maybe three times before the end of the year. Also, we are going to take the MAPP classes starting at then end of the month just in case we want to look into adopting. If anyone knows anyone who needs a loving couple for their baby, tell them about us. I’m kidding…well, unless you do :-). I’m still ok with whatever God’s plan for us is. I enjoy my husband and my son and I’m not bitter towards people who are pregnant (unless I know they aren’t going to take care of it) so life is happy and I try to not dwell on the negatives.


I feel like a cow

Yes, I said I feel like a cow. There’s been another time I have said that in my life too. When Colby was a tiny baby and I was using a breast pump. I uttered those words several times. I feel that way today because yesterday was a new experience. One I hope to not get used to. We did intrauterine insemination. I took clomid this month and had to give myself another shot Wednesday (which I made Robert watch me do so he will know what all this entails for me :-)). I won’t go into a lot of details about the whole process, but it was amusing. I asked Robert if he thought when this doctor went to parties and people asks what he does, if he tells them he gets women pregnant lol. Anyway, I grew up in the country and so I can now relate to cows much better.

Off to the beach this morning, y’all be safe!!

Baby making

I have found, thanks to a friend, an awesome reproductive endocrinologist. I was thinking fertility treatments were out of my reach because of funds. This place has been such a blessing!!

I had an HSG test done and tons of bloodwork done and we had robert checked last month and started a round of clomid this month. I went yesterday and had bloodwork and an ultrasound to see if I was responding to the clomid. I told him while I had been taking it for the five days I was supposed to that I had lots of pain in my right ovary. When he did my ultrasound he looked at the left one first, there’s one follicle, then he went to the right one…three follicles there. I wanted to say see, I told you so.

Everything else with the ultrasound looked favorable as well so tonight I have to give myself a shot in the thigh of hcg so the eggs will come out of the follicles. Then, Sunday and Monday are the prescribed days that we can make a baby.

Out of this whole procedure so far I have not had to pay anything out of my pocket yet thanks to insurance and my flexible spending account and also because this man is not in it to become a millionaire, he wants to help people like us. He’s become one of my favorite doctors, that’s saying a lot because there aren’t many I like.

Prayers appreciated that this all works, as much as I like this doctor I don’t want to have to have an ongoing long relationship with him. 🙂