Controversy everywhere 

This world has gone crazy…there’s no doubt about that, if you can’t tell times are a changin, then get out from under the rock you’re living under.  I try not to voice my opinion on things too much anymore, because you know what they say about opinions…

With all the controversy, hate, judgemental behavior, sick twisted people doing sick twisted things that you hear about in the media, and all the abomination going on, life is still going on. I am just over here like, hey look at this pretty flower, or what do you want to eat for dinner…if I choose to let everything that’s going on, get to me, I miss out on the joys of mundane life. Yes, times are scary if you think about it, and no, I’m not burying my head in the sand to real issues. I see them, and I do have an opinion, like I said, but I’m here to live MY life and no one else’s. 

I’m a pretty passive person, but don’t mess with my family, or I become very aggressive, very fast. So, if and when these issues going on “out there” become issues “in here”…I will do what needs to be done. I am an Amercian and take my undeserved freedom very seriously, and respect the men and women who protect it, immensely. 

Lastly, things are happening the way they are supposed to be happening. Read your Bible. God’s still in control and this is going to all end really soon. I think He is trying to get people’s attention and to see that.  I’m ready to go, but in the mean time, I’m just going to keep on living MY life!!


Just a post

good morning people!  I am happy to be alive and healthy today, as I should be every day. I tend to be a grumble butt sometimes though and whine and complain over stupid stuff. Not today, gonna be positive. 

I am so proud of my husband, he has recovered speedily from his back surgery and has hit the ground running (I still have to remind him he’s not ready to be doing some things, but he isn’t listening well lol).  He has a new toy…a bobcat and we will not have any grass left in the yard by the end of summer 😂. He is grading and fixing it so maybe I can have a level spot to put a fire pit soon. 

I am going to be getting a studio very soon hopefully If things work out like we are praying they will. Our renters that live in the house my husband used to occupy before we met, are moving out and we are going to be selling his place. That’s probably going to be some work that we have to do, so I’m hoping that’s not going to put a wrench in our plans. I am not really thinking it will, but the pessimistic side of me peaks her head out sometimes. Trying to be POSITIVE. 

I am looking forward to some down time soon with my man and having a few days to not do anything!!  I could never do a staycation….I can’t stop finding stuff that needs to be done at home. 

I am investigating the candidates for the election next year as I had said in an earlier post I wanted to learn more about politics. It’s kind of hard to do when everyone says negatively about everyone else. I’m up for listening to any of your suggestions and why you feel they would be a good president as long as you tell me in terms I understand…I am not political at all…. Message me and educate me!!  

Those are my positives for the day, hope you all have a blessed one!!!!

Men, take notes…

it gets said around my house a lot…I may not know what I want, but I want it right now. Women, we are very complex creatures, to say the least. Men can’t figure us out sometimes and understand how to make us happy, because we don’t even know ourselves at times.  I do have a few pointers that may can help…

Work hard. No, we don’t want you to be rich and gone all the time, but we want to know you do your best to provide as much as you can.  Money isn’t everything, but it makes life much easier when you can pay the bills on time every month and have some left over. 

Help around the house (and for extra brownie points, do it without being asked to), you can see the trash over flowing or the basket of towels that need to be folded. I promise, it won’t hurt and it may even help you get some attention later on if she doesn’t have 50,000 things to do. 

The old saying goes, man works from sun to sun, a woman’s work is never done…how true is that!!  Men, appreciate your woman…a lot!!!  Do you ever stop to think just exactly what it is she does for the family?  Take a moment, we’ll wait……

Now, aren’t you tired just thinking about that, now, throw in if she works a job outside the home as well (or two or three of them). Yeah, it wouldn’t hurt for you to stop and get some flowers or write her a note (best option!) to let her know just how much you appreciate her. 

Make her feel beautiful…women are soooooo hard on ourselves in every way. We need for you to come up to us while we are in our yoga pants and holey tee shirts with the bleach spots and stains on it and wrap your arms around our waist and tell us how gorgeous we are. (You better mean it though, or we will not be pleased).  We need to know you think we are amazing, even if we don’t think so. 

Connect with us. Everyday. Take the time to ask about our day, and then really listen to us, even if it is a gripe session that you’ve heard 1000 times. We need to vent at times, and don’t need you to do anything about it but listen, unless we ask for your help with a problem. Women, we need to return this as well, everyone wants to be heard. 

Don’t just expect sex. That old saying I spoke of earlier…that ties into this. If a women has the 57 others things that need to be done going through her head…guess what always will take a back seat… Help out with those things and then reap the rewards of your labor. Also, warm her up, you may be ready at the change of the wind, but women don’t work that way most of the time. 

This is a short list (really, it is lol), but it’s a good start to getting some insight into the female brain. It’s hard work, but if you make her happy, she will make you happier than you ever imagined. I am so thankful I have a good man who has learned so much in the last five years, I’m sure he could write a novel though about all of his frustration with putting up with me, he really deserves a medal!! 

Just a list

Makers of international delights coffee creamer…is it really necessary to use super glue to put the piece of foil over the bottle top? My OCDness won’t let me just cut a hole in it, I have to pull it off. That takes one of the rubber lid grips and all my strength and then my fingers are sore for three days. 

When did people stop having any consideration for other people’s time and energy. If you tell me you’re going to buy something, and I hold it for you, and then I try to text you (because you gave me your number and we had chatted for days) why are you going to ignore me when I text you again about it…I know it’s you. Just tell me you changed your mind or something….grrrr….

When your nurse, from a health management program, that you have agreed to be a part of, calls to talk to you….turn down your stinking TV, especially if your are deaf as a stone. I don’t like for my throat to hurt from a five minute conversation because I’ve screamed my head off at you. 

What makes some kids think they can do something to physically hurt another kid without any repercussions? I have always told mine, don’t start anything, but you better finish it if someone else does…he’s listened to me and I’m a proud mama. That may not be the “politically correct” thing now a days, but oh well, who ever said that I was politically correct??

That’s all I have for now…have anything to add? Happy Thursday 🙂

Just a post

i love my life and I am so blessed. I am 41 years old today, and I don’t feel or act it. I can remember thinking back when I was younger and this age seemed so far away, but it really gets here fast!  

I feel young, but sometimes things I see and hear make me feel old. Like when I interact with ladies who are half my age and want to share my wisdom with them on life and relationships and such…I’m sure they will have to find out things on their own like I did. Still though, I have to bite my tongue a lot to keep from saying what I think.  

When I was 21, I thought I knew everything lol. If I could go back in time and tell myself one thing then that I know now is this; it doesn’t matter what anyone thinks of you, they aren’t the ones who have to live your life. I did some things then because I felt like it was what I was supposed to do, and there were a lot of things I should not have done as well, that at the time seemed like the right thing. 

So, just because it’s my birthday, and I am always wanting to tell people these things but usually refrain, I’m making a list of how to get through 20’s and 30’s…

  • Walk with God everyday. It’s hard to do sometimes, but you can’t go wrong and it will keep you from being in places you shouldn’t be sometimes and eliminate some heartache and hard situations. 
  • Don’t get married (or pregnant) young, trust me, you don’t even know who you are and what makes you happy, so how can you make someone else happy? I had my son at 27, which by most standards is considered older, and he was very much planned and wanted, but it’s the hardest thing ever. 
  • Find a man who lets you be yourself and is never abusive in any way, shape, or form, but also keeps it interesting and will tell you what they think, even if it makes you mad. Occasional fighting is ok when it’s done fairly and then you get to make up. 😊
  • Use your head, go to college, be able to support yourself so you never have to depend on anyone, then find a man who is able to do the same for himself. Money is not everything, but barely getting by in life is not fun and makes things very hard. 
  • Take care of yourself. Your health is something that you will need the rest of your life…I’m still working on this one and it is hard to do, but I see the ramifications of not taking care of yourself everyday in my job. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. (That makes me sound really old lol). 
  • Be dependable, if you say you’re going to do something, do it. Also, get rid of anyone in your life right now who doesn’t do this. 
  • Don’t depend on anyone to show you what your worth is…find that out within yourself. You build your own confidence, then surround yourself with people who help add to it, but don’t solely rely on others for it. 

Now, I feel better that I got that out there!!  I wish I had someone back then to tell me these things, I probably wouldn’t have listened, but I would have had it somewhere in my subconsciousness and maybe it would have helped….anyway, have a great day everyone. 

The Shining

Who all has seen that movie? Yes, it is a classic, in my opinion, and when I first saw it, was scared to death. Those little twin girls gave me the creeps big time!!!

With that movie in your mind now think about how things have been here at the hizzouse for a while. I’m an only child, was not with someone constantly and played by myself most of the time. Fast forward to December of 2014, my husband blows a disk out and is home, in bed, all day and night. It is now the end of February and although he’s getting out more and is up and mobile again, he’s been here most all the time. With me. Here. In this house. Together. And it’s snowed. Endlessly it seems.

It’s nothing against HIM really, it would be that way with anyone, it was that way a bit when papa was here. I was in “nurse mode” 24/7 and that’s hard for me because I really am more introverted than people realize.

Now, before you start calling some psych wards, I’m fine and no one was harmed during the writing of this blog. It’s gotten much better the last few days, but seriously, I was getting so ill and snappy and grumpy (more than usual) and I really couldn’t put my finger on the reason. Once I made myself think about what all was going on, it clicked. Cabin fever along with not getting my “me time” was wearing on me. That may sound selfish, but I really believe all people need that. Ask any new mother who will be honest with you, sometimes you just need a break from having someone being solely reliable on you.

Now, go play in this unexpected snow we are having!! 😀

Sunday Ramblings

It’s a windy cold day, and I dread going out in it, but so excited to go to church! I think Robert is going to try to go to. He had his surgery Tuesday afternoon. When I got back to recovery to see him he said his pain was a POINT 5…he’s one tough cookie. He took something that night for pain mainly so he could sleep good (didn’t work lol) and then the next day when we were leaving the hospital he took something for the ride home in case it started hurting with him sitting up for 45 minutes. (He had been lying in the backseat when he went somewhere. That is all the medicine he has taken and is doing phenomenally!! We praise God for answering prayers. He will be going back to work in six weeks.

I’m working hard on the boudoir business. I had some awesome brochures made up and I’m going to go soon to some local salons to put some out. I’ve also revamped my price list and tried to make this more affordable for every woman that wants to do it, while still helping to compensate for my time and running my family off while having sessions. (And having to clean my house before them lol).

I hope you all had a fantastic Valentine’s Day, I got to spend it with my Lovie
who felt good enough to go eat with some friends, that made my heart happy!! My son got to go to a dance Friday night…he looked so handsome!! I can’t believe how fast he’s grown and it makes me proud and sad at the same time. He’s such a good kid and I’m so blessed to be his mama, I just hope he knows he will always be my baby though!!

Have a wonderful day folks, be blessed!!