Sunday morning ramblings

I hardly ever sleep in anymore…since Colby came along, I don’t think I’ve done that but maybe five times. I used to be able to sleep past lunch any day, no more. I like it better being a morning person, that’s when I’m the most productive and can sit in peace for a little bit while having my coffee and catching up on world events (ie. Facebook lol).

A few of my good friends and I got to have a ladies dinner out last night. It was so nice and fun! Women need to have their own time once in a while and to have a break. I’m thankful for the few that came and hopefully we can make it a regular occurrence and more of my friends will be able to come next time, and their friends will come and it will just grow and grow!

We have a busy day planned…in a little while we are trading some of our stuff to get someone else’s stuff…in that deal I get a dining room table with six chairs that I have always wanted…I’m so excited! Then I’m working 10-2, I still love my job and get to do that from home in my comfy clothes. Then I get to have a massage at 3, my wonderful husband got me gift certificates for Christmas for 10 one hour sessions with the most phenomenal massage therapist I’ve ever been too, plus she’s my good friend :-). Finally, it’s Super Bowl Sunday so we will be watching the commercials lol!!

Tomorrow is the visit with the surgeon, I’m so ready to get a plan with how to fix my Lovie! He has had some improvements over the last few days. Bladder issues are slowly diminishing and returning to normal, and his pain is lessening and he’s not needing as much medicine. So that’s encouraging, but at the same time, it’s a slow process and I’m not sure just how long it would take to get him back to absolute normal without any surgical intervention. We shall see what the surgeon says and keep praying!!!

I hope all of you have an awesome day and get to do something fun! Thanks for reading ☺️.


Good morning!

I feel like talking today and since my family is asleep, I will write it all down instead, I’m sure Robert is tired of hearing me anyway since he’s home 24/7 now.

This year has started off with a bang, life happens quickly sometimes and I never would have dreamed we’d be facing major surgery for my always on-the-go, spunky, hyper, active 34 year old husband. Just goes to show you, we aren’t in control. Since we finally got his pain manageable, he is much more happy and back to himself some what. He is still mostly horizontal on the bed or couch for the majority of the time, but he’s picking and carrying on now. It has almost been like having a new baby, I don’t sleep well most of the time because I am worrying about him needing something and wanting to tend to him. He says I try too hard lol, I’m learning to just leave him alone unless he asks me for something.

I have big big plans for my photography business this year, they just kind of got put on the back burner for a bit until we get Robert back healthy and working, but I’m still so excited and ready to do it!! I have a new blog for it if you haven’t checked it out. I don’t have any photos on there yet but that will be coming soon as well as a new website. I have a couple of ladies signed up to shoot soon that are going to give me permission to use their photos. The blog for that is here. I will still be shooting any other types of pictures as well, I still love shooting anyone!

I could write tons more about the stuff that’s in the headlines and the chaos, but today I choose to be optimistic and positive. I hope you all have a blessed weekend, I’m so excited to get to go to church tomorrow!! Bye for now 🙂

Wow, a new year already?

Well, here we are again at the end of another year. I remember hearing people say as you get older time really does fly. They didn’t lie, it totally is moving at warp speed for me. I always seem to reflect on the events that have taken place over the last twelve months, as I’m sure many people do, on this day. So here’s my wrap up…

Back in the spring, I was moved to a different team at work…to be honest, I cried my eyes out when I was told. I loved my team and the people I had as my members to call. It didn’t get much better for a few months after that, I was looking for somewhere within the company to transfer, everyday. We got a new supervisor and things got better. I am mostly happy now again in what I’m doing, it’s still insurance and dealing with a certain type of people, but I think that has helped me in other areas of my life.

My child…he has grown up right before our eyes this year. He is now taller than me and Robert, and will soon be taller than his daddy too. Even though there are times when I want to wring his irresponsible, nasty, gross neck, he is respectful, well mannered, loving, and so so so funny….it keeps him alive lol!!

My marriage, I love my husband so much more on this day than I did on January first. It grows everyday. He keeps me on my toes, it’s not boring. This year we have flew on a jet for the first time, went to Vegas, the beach, and Gatlinburg. We always have so much fun together and I can’t imagine my life without him!!

My mama and I went on a cruise together in September. It was cool getting to do that and her being able to experience it. I will always treasure the memories we made…and I want to go back again soon lol!! You ready Ma?? 😁

Photography, I have found my niche. I love doing boudoir. I am, and probably always will be, a women’s health nurse at heart. I love helping women see the beauty in themselves that the people who love them see. I am so excited for future endeavors that will be happening, hopefully in 2015.

Finally, myself, I have always known how I am as a person, but this year has really heightened my self awareness. I am opinionated, stubborn, authentic, I don’t do fake, fiercely patriotic, hater of racism, lover of law enforcement, amazed at the stupidity and audacity of some people, and I am really wanting to make a difference in this world…starting with myself. In 2015, my goals are simple…be nicer, you never know what someone is going through. Be an advocate more for people who need it, I have a project in mind to help elderly coming soon. Be more prayerful, this world needs that. Spend more time with loved ones, I can do better than what I have been. Stay healthy, I have a good start at it with losing 15 pounds, but I have got to work my heart more, I don’t want cardiac issues. Lastly, to embrace life and realize it is short, valuable, and hard sometimes, but it is such a blessing to be here!

Thanks to everyone who drops in and reads my snarky rants and silly stories. It’s nice to know I’m heard in just a small corner of the world 😊! Be blessed in 2015!!!

Merry Christmas…whether you like it or not!

It is such a sad world we live in now. Everyone has a right to push their beliefs on anyone and if someone has a problem with it then they are labeled a biggot or anti-whatever. Everyone except Christians, that is. We are under such attack and I really think it’s close to time to go Home. People are so offended by anything to do with Jesus Christ…do you know why that is? It’s because if they believe in Him, then they will be held accountable to Him. Sorry my friend, even if you don’t want to accept Him, you are still going to be accountable.

I don’t run around screaming this into people’s faces. I pray for people who are blinded by Satan. I love them and nothing thrills my soul more than hearing of someone getting saved!!

With all that being said, if someone were to tell me Happy Hanukkah or Happy Kwanza, or anything other greeting that they feel is wishing me well, I’m not going to take offense to that. That’s their right to believe however they choose. Last time I checked this is still America (we’re free for a while longer) and we have that right.

Some people just have to have something to fuss and gripe about all the time. Get over it people, stop being so sensitive and realize it’s not all about you. If you don’t believe the way I do, you’re not going to change my mind by telling me I offend you, just as I’m sure me telling you I think your beliefs are wrong will not change yours. Live your life and I will live mine and pray for you!

Don’t kick them when they’re down…

There, but for the grace of God, go I….John Bradford quoted this and it is my favorite saying. I don’t label myself as religious….religion sends people to Hell. I am a blood bought, born again, sinner saved by His grace. Period. There is nothing good in me at all, but Him. God loves the sinner, not the sin, but it’s His place to judge, not ours. Christians all have different convictions and vices.

It really angers me and makes me feel (wrongly but the flesh is strong) judgmental toward pious people who claim to be Christians and all they do is bash other people and run them down. So often, I have to bite my tongue to not say something about their sins from past or present… I have my opinions of certain things and people as well, and I try to just keep quite if someone is saying something, I may even agree with, but it’s not my place to judge them.

I have sinned so many times, and guess what?? I still do!! And I bet, if we are all honest, can say the same thing.

For people who do this kind of behavior, really turns people away from wanting to know God, and I can see why. I wouldn’t want to be associated with people who talk about everyone, then invite them to church…what kind of message does that send? One who gossips to you, will gossip about you.

Think before you speak, that person you’re getting ready to run down very easily could have been you!!


Yesterday, we got the privilege to go out and vote. There have been so many men and women who have died fighting for our freedom to do just that. We live in a country where we can go to any church we want to, work where we want, and pretty much do whatever we want…for now.

I didn’t vote…I never have….and I feel very convicted over this.

I have never been a political person, I don’t know enough about the government system and politics, and had really never given it much thought. The last few years though, with all the things I see in healthcare, in the justice system, and in this country with all of the different “movements” going on, I’m starting to take an interest.

I grumble a lot on this blog over a variety of things, and while I still feel like most all politicians are liars, something has got to change…and I do feel some of that change has to come from our leaders.

I’m going to start PRAYERFULLY investigating political things and people, so the next time we have an election, I will be ready and can confidently walk in and cast mine. I strongly feel America was founded on Christian principals and it needs to turn back that way.

So many people are trying to boot God out because they don’t want to be accountable to Him, but guess what…they will be anyway, whether they believe it or not.

A letter…

Dear Little Family,

You don’t know me, and I promise I’m not some weird stalker lady, but I couldn’t help but watch you last night. As we sat in the super crowded local Mexican restaurant with my husbands family, I was at the table in the center of the room and you were in the booth directly across from me. So it’s almost like I had to watch. I usually only have negative things to say about kids and the parents that don’t discipline them, but you are different.

I noticed the baby carrier at the end on the table sitting in the upside down high chair right as I sat down, because I always notice babies. But then I noticed the three other little blonde headed children sitting there too. Dad had a boy and a girl sitting on his side and Mom had, what I’m guessing to be the oldest boy who is maybe six or seven. As I sat down and situated into my seat and saw this across from me, I have to say my initial thought was, “great, brats, here goes dinner…” As I sat there a few minutes and mentally prepared myself to get my sparse amount of patience out, I realized I had not heard a peep from your table.

So, I watched, and listened. You two parents were talking to each other and the kids, and the kids were actually sitting there eating. Amazing. I don’t know if this was a rare moment for your family, but it seemed like normalcy to you. The fact that you are a very young couple with four children, eating out in a public restaurant, and your kids weren’t throwing fits or food, really touched my heart. It’s rare now. You two worked as a team as Dad took the boys to the bathroom, then the little girl, while mama finished her meal. That’s a good daddy!

Towards the end of the meal, the baby must have woken up and Dad got her out of the seat. The other three did get a little antsy as children do, because they are kids and they are supposed to, but they were still not screaming or being terrors. I didn’t hear Mom or Dad have to raise their voice to calm them down. I am so impressed, I just can’t say it enough!

So what I really want to say is this, I know you’re exhausted…you have to be with raising four children…but you’re doing a fabulous job! I hope you have a beautiful joy filled life for your efforts and thanks for letting me see a glimpse of good parenting, it does still exist!

Thank you!