Wisdom in the driveway

I am not racist by any means. Growing up in Surry County in the early 80’s, I don’t know how I’m not though. My parents weren’t racist though, so i guess thats why, we believe there are bad people in every race, creed, religion, or whatever.

My husband is biracial, most people are shocked when they hear that, he doesn’t look it very much, but there are a few characteristics that hint to it. It didn’t matter to me from day one what color he was.

We had been seeing each other for about two months or so and he wanted to come over after he got off work one evening and run my driveway for exercise. Papa lived right below me and we shared that same long driveway. As Robert was running I was walking a little bit. Papa had seen him and of course had to come investigate.

He walked out to where his driveway came into the main part and we were standing there talking. As Robert ran by I did a quick Robert this is my papa, papa this is Robert and Rob kept running because he was in the middle of his run, but said hey as he went by.

Papa, who was 80 and of course deaf as a wall said, “What nationality is he?”

“Ummmm, American….'” I said.. And wanted to melt into the pavement because Robert wasn’t very far away and papa was very loud.

He said, “I mean is he black or white or what?”

I told him I thought he may have some black in him because at the time I didn’t even know for sure and didn’t care.

Then I waited. I thought, oh no, please don’t make me mad at you papa. After a few seconds, he said, “you know, that used to might have bothered me, but I’ve come to realize it doesn’t matter what color a person is.”

He was so right. He loved Robert like his own and vise versa, I wish I had recorded the gentle way Robert talked to papa and took care of him when he was here in our home and also even helped papa at times I didn’t even know about when papa lived alone. Robert would go get him his favorite red Gatorade, and just do little things like that for him.

I have always said, I don’t care what color someone is as long as they treat me like they want to treated.


One thought on “Wisdom in the driveway

  1. Robert is a wonderful addition to our crazy family….we love him so much and are so thankful God placed him in our lives. Love you Rob!!

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